COVID 19 Safety Procedures

Here are some of the precautions we are taking to keep our studio SAFE:

  • “Six-Feet-Safe”. The studio floor is marked 6 feet a part to show dancers where to stand.

  • No more than 12 people (teachers and students) in the entire studio at one time.

  • Dance bags & street shoes are now located in the Lobby at the entrance. *NO STREET SHOES ALLOWED ON THE STUDIO FLOOR.* ALL DANCE SHOES exclusively used at the studio ONLY. Disinfected spray will be available in lobby to spray all dance shoes as they come into the studio and after each class.

  • Staff will wear face mask/coverings.

  • Social Distancing upon entering & exiting the building will be practiced.

  • All Barres wiped down by staff between classes if used at all.

  • Props and mats will not be used. Campers will have their own craft supplies for the week. No Supplies will be shared.

  • Students must wash/sanitize hands before and after class.

  • Staff will wipe down the restroom after each use.

  • Studio floor and frequently touched areas and shoe cubbies will be sanitized after each class and disinfected daily.

  • Parents are asked to email or call us instead of coming into the studio with any questions or concerns. If in person conversation is required please practice social distancing and wear a mask when in the studio.

  • All games and activities will be non contact.

  • If a camper displays any of the following symptoms (Fever, coughing, sneezing, runny nose, etc) parent/guardian will be contacted immediately.


  • “Drop-Off” your dancer at the front entrance. To limit the number of people in the building, only students, staff and Faculty will be allowed in the studio. *Lobby area will be closed until further notice.*

  • SDC Staff will greet dancer at the door, shoes removed and left in lobby, hand sanitizer used, and escorted or directed to their designated spot in the studio.


  • Any dancer feeling ill should stay home. (Fever, coughing, sneezing, runny nose, etc.)

  • Any dancer living with a family member who is ill should stay home.

  • Anyone who feels they cannot comply with all procedures should also stay home.

Thank you for signing up for Summer Dance Camp at Sunshine Dance & Cheer Studio