Class Description


Ballet, the basis of all dance forms, is a definite necessity for any aspiring dancer. This class is focused on developing strength, balance, technique, and proper body placement. You will learn to create flexibility through barre and floor work, while developing grace and learning terminology. Examinations are offered for serious students.

Ballet 1-recommended for student with 0-2years of experience

Ballet 2/3- Recommended for students with 2-4 years of experience

Ballet 3/4-Recommend for dancers with 4+ dance experience.

Tutu's and Tap Shoes

This class is designed for younger students ages 2-6 years old. This is a great introduction into the world of dance. Young dancers in this class are here for fun and the love of movement. The class includes the basics terminology and dance skills of ballet and tap. The emphasis in this class will be on developing rhythm and coordination along with learning new steps. Combo classes are designed to give the dancer a taste of two different styles of dance.Classes run from 30mins for students 2-3 years old and 45-60 mins for students 3.5-6 years old. Dancers will develop basic skills and gain the foundation that they will need to allow their talent, education and creativity to thrive in the later years. This program is designed to give students a strong dance education in the early years while giving them the freedom to have fun by using props such as hoola hops, puppets, and interactive songs in class! Your toddler will learn while having a great time in class.

Tutu's & Tap Shoes Class Schedule

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Hip Hop

Learn the latest in hip-hop and street dance trends! SDC has the smoothest Hip-Hop class in the area! Class includes warm-up followed by age-appropriate dance combinations to the latest Hip-Hop tracks. Emphasis is on developing individual style. A fun and fabulously funky dance class!

Super Mini hip hop- Designed for dancers ages 3-5 years old. This class teaches basic hip hop moves using props, games, and creative movement. A fun an energetic class for the mini hip hop dancer that is ready to show off their funky moves.

Hip Hop 1 - Recommend for dancers with 0-2 years experience

Hip Hop 2-Recommended for dancers with 2-3 years experience

Hip Hop 3/4- Recommended for dancers with 4+ experience.


Tap steps, rhythms, combinations, and more will be used to teach students how to develop rhythm and musicality in tap dance

Tap 1 – Recommended for dancers with 0-3 years’ experience

Tap 2- Recommended for dancers with 3-6 years of experience

Tap 3-Recommended for dancers with 6+ years of experience.


fun-filled dance class that incorporates, ways to increase flexibility, new and classical jazz steps, ability to execute a progression of steps across the floor, and much more. This class is designed to be taken in progression; Students must have the instructor's permission to participate in Int or Adv Jazz.

Jazz 1 – Recommended for dancers with 0-3 years’ experience

Jazz 2- Recommended for dancers with 3-6 years of experience

Jazz 3/4-Recommended for dancers with 6+ years of experience.


This class is designed to improve self-confidence, physical health, and teamwork skills all while having a ton of fun! Learn and perfect arm movements, cheers, chants, and choreography that are full of excitement and energy. Are you planning on trying out for the Dance or Cheer Team? Or maybe you just enjoy the use of poms while dancing?! This is a type of dance which includes turns, toe touches, split jumps, split leaps, and more, with sharp fast paced combinations incorporating the use of poms. (dance terminology taught)

Tumbling for Dancers

This class is perfect for the dancer that wants to learn tumbling skills to enhance their dance performance. This class has no prerequisites and is geared towards athletes with little to no previous tumbling experience. Athletes in Beginning class will learn:Handstands/ handstand forward rolls,Cartwheels,,Bridge Kick Overs,Backbend Kick Overs,Back Walkovers,Front Walkovers,Cartwheels/ round-offs, Beginning technique for Back Handsprings and ariel.

Strength and Flexibility

No performing-This class focuses on building core strength and increasing endurance and flexibility through a variety of exercises. These exercises include, but are not limited to pilates, yoga, and strength exercises. Students will learn to use their own body weight (and eventually progress to assisted weight and band exercises with partners) to increase strength and flexibility with no additional cost for equipment.


The combo class is designed for dancers 6-11 years old. This classes main focus is jazz portion including combining different styles of jazz, broadway musical, smooth, funky, fusion, contemporary and more. The class will also include the basics of Acro including somersaults, cartwheels, back bends, etc. The instructor will move each student along at their own rate. The goal is to increase back flexibility, upper body strength and balance. Dancers in the program should consider taking an addition ballet class to assist with the technique for this class.