Where Dancers Come to Shine!
Where Dancers Come to Shine!

Courses: Jazz and Modern Dance

Jazz is a highly expressive and unique genre of music. It is a quintessentially American form of music that relies heavily on improvisation, polyrhythms and syncopation.Combining the basic techniques of ballet with the more modern steps found in Pop and Broadway, “Jazz” is an upbeat, stylish, and versatile dance form. Our “Jazz” classes include intensive strengthening warm ups, stretching techniques to elongate and encourage muscle strength, across the floor movements, leaps, turns and center combination work to fun and upbeat, recognizable music. Our student will have great knowledge of their terminology, a visual change in strength and flexibility, and a great appreciation for the dance form. Our Instructors teach students jazz moves and then encourages them to explore the music and develop their own movements in reaction to it.


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